Thursday, September 9, 2010

Up Next...

So last night Monte and I met with Burrow for the first time. We chose to meet at the always classy establishment known as Denny's to look over our contract and sort out all the last details. Everything was in order and Burrow as actually nothing like I expected. All we had to go by up until now was his writing, which was very well written and intelligent, so of course I'm half expecting him to be some fairly arrogant intellectual. I sat down and asked him how it was going, to which he replied: "eh, same shit, different pile." I was instantly no longer worried.

So yeah, everything went extremely well. I actually learned that it's equally as difficult in the writer-world, because Monte and I meeting him last night was the farthest he's ever actually came to having something he's written produced. He said that he has a really hard time convincing anyone to even read what he writes, which is absolutely insane because the guy can write. He sent us samples of his older work, which were all brilliant but not the style we were looking for so he offered to write something completely original and new that would fit with what we had in mind so he cranked out this psychological/dark script that blew Monte and I both away. It's sad/reassuring to learn that it's really the same across the board, whether you're a musician or videographer or writer, getting anyone to take you seriously can be a real challenge.

Regardless, names were signed, hands were shook, and breakfast slamwiches were eaten... and now we move forward yet again. Now it's time to cast SUBMISSION.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

First Meeting

I know it's been awhile since the last update, but hasn't been much to report. Not the case today, however, because this evening Monte and I will be meeting with screenwriter Burrow for the first time to discuss some details. I'm not entirely sure what will go down, other than discuss the story or any edits that we might have for him, which I personally have none. The story is one that hasn't been told a billion times already and the ending I did not see coming so I'm really excited about this. I'll be sure and post another update in a day or two with all the low-down on how it went. From here I believe we're going to move on to casting, exciting stuff ladies and gents!

On a different note, I'm please to announce that Against the Grain Design are now working with We're now working together and editing a good chunk of the special request fetish videos that they receive. This is great for a number of reasons... of course it's adult material, what better way to sharpen editing skills than by editing porn? This also allows Tara to do more filming on her end because she's not dedicating three days a week to edit them all down and export to the different formats that she needs. It's also showing me just how much time will need to be dedicated to post-production. Good stuff!