Friday, November 19, 2010

Not-quite as flashy

Not much to report in terms of the upcoming film. I did hear back from our writer Bob a few days ago, he's still trying to find the right children for the few roles we need filled for the flashback scene. Other than that, not much going on... definitely a long process but we'll get there.

In other news, I'm working to get this new website up and running. My current portfolio site is all done in flash, and while it looks pretty slick, it can't be viewed on portable devices (not until they make a plug-in anyways). When I designed the site I actually didn't think anything about that, but it does make alot of sense since we're in this new, crazy technical world now and nearly everyone (except Baena) has a smart phone. If I'm an employer and I have two possible candidates apply for the same job and wanna check their work out while I'm on the train, I'm already going to have a slight preference for the one I'm able to view on my phone.

So yeah, the new site will be up and operational sometime in December... especially since it's for my portfolio class, which wraps in the middle of next month, kinda have no choice but to finish it, but that's cool with me. I'd rather have a deadline to push me to get it done. I already have the basic layout in mind and have started on it, but it is gonna take a bit to get it all working how I want it to.

One of the sites that really inspired me for my new portfolio site was this one, by an artist/photographer named Francisco Aveledo. I really like the grid system he used for this so I'm going to apply that same technique to my own site. I'm also using the same rotated layout so it's going to look pretty slick when it's finished.

Friday, November 12, 2010