Saturday, July 31, 2010

A Little Bit Closer...

So not alot to report just yet, but I did get an update from Burrow this morning that he's at the 30 page mark of the script. He's anticipating nearing page 60 by Tuesday, barring any unforseen circumstances. We'll be on our way very soon!

In other news, I contacted Byron Miller and got some very useful advice for filmmaking. Byron is a former member of the electronic/EBM/industrial band God Module, which he left about a week ago in order to devote his full attention to filmmaking. I actually contacted Miller probably about a year ago for advice on some electronic music questions I had. When I heard he had quit God Module I decided to try and see what he was up to, only to learn that he's in pre-production as well for his next film which is also a horror production.

I asked Miller if he had any advice he could give another independent filmmaker who is just starting out, and he wrote be back this afternoon with some very good pointers that I probably wouldn't have thought about. The most notable being to get some good behind the scenes footage, including some cast interviews. This can be a very good thing to have for DVD extras or "special editions". Also advice on photography and of course feeding your cast, as a fed cast is a happy cast... especially if they're working for free. Don't worry guys, I'll throw some cheeseburgers your way.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Only the Beginning...

So we're finally getting started with this whole thing. Monte and I finally have found a screenwriter that is able to not only write to our style, but is nothing short of a creativity machine. After I placed an ad on Craigslist for probably the sixth time, I finally got a response from someone interested in what we're doing. Since we're just starting at this, I found that alot of "writers" that responded had a hard time taking us seriously... not the case with Mr. Burrow.

So anyways, yeah. Burrow sent us some samples of stories he's written in the past and although they were all quite brilliant, none fit with our style. I know we can't afford to be picky (quite literally, actually) but it wouldn't be fair for anyone involve if we'd gone with an idea that we weren't all 100% interested in doing. After some consideration, Burrow decided it best to just write an all original idea for us, which is what he's doing now.

Monte and I received the first 18 pages of the script today and we're nothing short of impressed, I have to say. We were warned that it's pretty dark, but I don't think either of us were shocked at what we read. Maybe I'm desensitized from so many brutal Asian films, maybe from combat, maybe from working in a morgue... whatever the case, we're in agreement that it's something we're all interested in getting to work on right away.

My goal is to post on here the updates as we get the script and then as we progress through the shooting. Since this will be my first feature film (Mr. Montford has previous film experience) I thought it would be interesting to document the process. I'll also be sure to post pictures, behind the scenes footage, etc. Good times!